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THL-urbatecture is a project design and expertise studio upon architecture, territory and mobility. THL-urbatecture was founded by Thierry Lafont in January 2016.

The methodological approach is based, first, on a thorough analysis of context and usage.
It is also through dialogue with project stakeholders (owners, elected poeple, investors, operators, users, experts) that crystallize shared objectives. “Program / project” iteration is always necessary.
Then appears an attitude, a strategy leading to a demonstrative storyboard : This is to identify the right choice and not to require, at all costs, the compromise which leads to mediocrity, most often.
At the scale of the city and territory, the project, because of its long time that characterizes it, cannot avoid a rational prospective, knowing uses are evolving faster and faster regarding technological innovation ; In this respect, the current and future mobility is a key territory parameter to be taken into account in any prior analysis.
At the scale of the building which marks its almost indelible imprint in the environment, the project must sublimate eco-sustainable goals, notably regarding energy issues.
In the end, the main purpose concerns the human being’s sake, both with his immediate surrounding and with his relation to the remaining world.

Thierry Lafont

Thierry LafontD.P.L.G architect, engineer graduated X & civil ENPC, Thierry Lafont holds an enlarged career in the fields of design and achievement of complex constructions.
From unconventional structures to transportation hub projects, he designed and signed many projects regarding railways stations, and other types buildings such as commercial and industrial programs.Thanks to his own experience, he can provide general expertise about territory and mobility issues within a multi-stakeholder context and prospective manner.
Thierry Lafont is also hired by the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Paris-Val-de-Seine as lecturer.